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Shift your mindset to achieve your dreams

"Are you feeling depressed?"

"Are you feeling stressed?"

"Do you need help with your career?"

White Grass
* Hypnosis
* Ericksonian           Hypnosis
* Smoking               Cessation
* Law of                  Attraction
*Wealth Law of       Attraction
*Life Coaching
*Business   Coaching
*Holistic   Marketing
*Transpersonal      Energy Therapy
* Reiki
*Belief Clearing

Neuro Linguistic Programming

I can help you by using NLP and teach you to use your brain more effectively, this will help to change your mindset and I can assist you in solving problems you may face, removing mental blocks and aid in boosting  your productivity and increased excellence.

Law of Attraction

I can help you using this technique which is beneficial for visualizing and mantifesting your desires .By allowing yourself to create positive visualization, this attracts positive thinking and allows the universe to bring great things to come to you easily and effortlessly, creating abundance and success in your life.


I can assist you using an adaptation of an ancient Hawaiian problem solving technique that allows you to work with wellness and therapeutic problems to emotionally and mentally release conscious and subconcious memory.

Transpersonal Energy Therapy

I can help you with a process that I use in balancing positive chi energy flow and chakra balancing.  This technique helps with reducing stress and relieving problems with muscle and joint pain. You will feel more rejuvinated, energetic and relaxed .

                "If you are stuck in your life . I have the tools to help you with Hypnosis and NLP"

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner.

I specialize in Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Law of Attraction, Wealth Law of Attraction, Transpersonal Energy Therapy (Hands on Healing) technique. 

I am a member of American Alliance of Hypnotists, American Union of NLP and Global Sciences Foundation

I am available if you would like to request me by phone, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype.


How we Can

work together

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